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Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane foam is more than just a simple cushioning material. Polyurethane gives protection and can be manufactured to provide comfort, support and durability. Décor My Palace carries the best brands and quality when it comes to polyurethane architectural products. We provide moldings, rosettes & plinth blocks, ornamentals (appliqués & onlays), capitals, and columns, which really brings out the elegance in your home or business. That’s not all; we also carry brackets; corbels, to add some extra beauty; shelves for storage; sconces anywhere you need them; and niches. When it comes to ceilings, Décor My Palace carries all types of ceiling designs, finials, gable pediments, and crossheads. Décor your home even more with keystones, crossheads for windows and doors, louvers, and vents. Décor My Palace is your one stop shop for everything you need in polyurethane architectural products, so order today!

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2 1/2"H x 1/2"P x 96"L Bedford Window &...
Product Code:
Sales price: $13.55
2 7/8"H x 3/4"P x 96"L Monique Window &...
Product Code:
Sales price: $15.00
3 1/2"H x 1 1/8"P x 96"L Devon Window &...
Product Code:
Sales price: $16.04
3 1/2"H x 1 3/8"P x 96"L Dover Window &...
Product Code:
Sales price: $25.78
3 5/8"W x 1 1/4"P x 96"L Dublin Window...
Product Code:
Sales price: $25.54
4 7/8"H x 1 5/8"P x 96"L Elsinore...
Product Code:
Sales price: $33.84
4"H x 3/4"P x 96"L Felix Window & Door...
Product Code:
Sales price: $17.88
4"H x 1 1/2"P x 96"L Dylan Window &...
Product Code:
Sales price: $26.33
5 1/4"H x 1"P x 96"L Milton Window &...
Product Code:
Sales price: $25.22
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