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Ronbow's Philof

Ronbow was founded based upon a desire to bring together two seemingly
contradictory ideals: Luxury & Affordability.
Ronbow is the luxury everybody wants and the affordability everyone needs. As a result,
we created a bath furnishings company unlike any other. One with a simple
mission – to deliver affordable luxury to its customers – and a mantra to live
and work by.
Ronbow ONLY uses:
Solid Hardwood Frames Construction* - All of our cabinets have solid wood frame construction for high durability. We use absolutely NO PARTICLE BOARD or
other cheap fillers! Our cabinets are designed to last.
Hardwood Plywood*- Absolutely no particle board, HDF and Micro-Density Fiberboard MDF are used in any of our vanities! Many vanity manufacturers may show
a cheap price, but offer a product that is designed to rot out and need replacing again and again. Our patented HARDWOOD PLYWOOD panels have the greatest
dimensional stability, and are high tensile for durability and endurance. It has a high tolerance to humidity, and there is no swelling or sagging over time. Because
our cabinets are more durable, it means that you are not going to need to replace them in the future as you would if you bought a lower quality product.
• All Plywood used meets strict CARB Standards