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Capricheza Interior Door in a Mahogany Finish
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Sales price: $132.30
Door Handles
No Handles $0
401 Gloria Handle $59.00
501 Palermo Handle $59.00
502 Elizabeth Handle $59.00
411 Amorette Handle $59.00
509 Maxima Handle $59.00
997 Grand Hadle $59.00

Door Swing Direction
Left-Hand $0
Right-Hand $0

Door Width
24 inches $0
28 inches $0
30 inches $0
32 inches $0
36 inches $0

Jamb Width Extensions
No $0
Yes $19.99

Pre-Hanging Options
No pre-hanging (door "slab" only) $0
No pre-hanging (door "slab", Door Jabs, & Casing only) $98.70
Complete with Door Jabs, Casing, Door Handle Pre-drilling, and Chrome Ball Bearing Hinges $169.00
Complete with Door Jabs, Casing, Door Handle Pre-drilling, and Chrome SOSS Hinges $288.00

Hinge Finishes (Call for price 800 681-8625)
Antique Brass
Satin Chrome
Satin Nickel
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Polished Brass
Bright Chrome


The Capricheza doors exhibit the most aesthetic aspects for all classic and contemporary style lovers. The classic design, with its delicate and flowing lines will make these doors a real enhancement to your home. The addition of glass in the door will make any room feel brighter without you having to compromise on the style of the door. The Capricheza comes in a Mahogany finish.
All doors are coated with natural wood veneer, which require no further treatment of the slab. We use only the finest materials and construction techniques available on the market, which makes our products quality and appearance absolutely superb. Our products are built to last and are covered with a two year warranty guaranteed.


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