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Ceiling Design & Medallions

When you place a ceiling medallion above your lighting fixture or chandelier, it’s a great way to enhance the beauty of your ceiling and add elegance as well. Ceiling medallions are designed from polyurethane, therefore they are lightweight and very easy to install. Décor My Palace doesn’t carry just ceiling medallions alone, our inventory consist of different ceiling designs such as ceiling domes, skins, rings and tiles. Adding any ceiling design will bring the beauty to the room it’s placed in. Order yours today and add elegance to your ceiling!

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7 7/8"OD x 1 1/8"ID x 3/4"P Small...
Product Code:
Sales price: $8.46
7 5/8"OD x 1"P Emery Leaf Ceiling...
Product Code:
Sales price: $8.19
7 1/2"OD x 2 1/2"ID x 1 1/8"P Odessa...
Product Code:
Sales price: $8.46
7 7/8"OD x 1 1/8"P Olivia Ceiling...
Product Code:
Sales price: $15.14
8 1/8"OD x 4 1/8"ID x 1/2"P Andrea...
Product Code:
Sales price: $8.55
8"OD x 3 7/8"ID x 1/2"P Daniela Ceiling...
Product Code:
Sales price: $8.36
9"OD x 4 1/8"ID x 5/8"P Benson Ceiling...
Product Code:
Sales price: $8.61
9"OD x 4 3/8"ID x 1/2"P Claremont...
Product Code:
Sales price: $9.00
9 5/8"OD x 1 1/8"P Maria Ceiling...
Product Code:
Sales price: $8.78
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