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Finials are decorative, durable and easy to install. They are made from high quality polyurethane material and can take wear and tear damages. There the perfect products to top off any job when your installing posts and balusters. Décor My Palace carries a great number of polyurethane finials, from the best styles, brands and designs. Look through our inventory today and add a beautiful and elegant finial to your home today!

3 3/8"OD x 4 3/4"H Traditional Finial
Product Code: FIN162888
Sales price: $15.75
4 1/8"OD x 7"H Blackthorne Finial
Product Code: FIN162885
Sales price: $22.24
4 7/8"OD x 8 1/4"H Aberdeen Finial
Product Code: FIN162884
Sales price: $24.07
4 1/4"OD x 9 3/8"H Southhampton Finial
Product Code: FIN162890
Sales price: $19.47
4 7/8"OD x 11 1/2"H Urn Finial
Product Code: FIN162889
Sales price: $24.57
6 3/4"OD x 13"H x 6 15/16" BD Urn Finial
Product Code: FIN162892
Sales price: $26.84
14 7/8"OD x 21 3/8"H Traditional Finial
Product Code: FIN162891
Sales price: $154.98